Friday, June 24, 2011

Mean Friends?

Everyone has at least one in their entire life. That one mean - or "toxic" - friend. The one girl (or maybe guy, but I'm going to go with girl in this case) who seems really nice when you're hanging out with her, but you find out she's talking bad about you behind your back, spreading rumors that may not be true, etc etc etc.

If you realize that you didn't ever do anything mean to this girl, I have an easy solution to why she's being mean to you.

She's jealous of you.

There's always going to be people who are jealous of you. Maybe they think you're more pretty than them,  you're more confident, you have more stuff, more subscribers/followers/friends on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter etc; there are countless reasons.

You just have to feel empathy for this girl. Don't pay any attention to her! She's the one dragging you down. If what she's doing ever gets really out of control though, make sure to tell a trusted adult (mom, dad, aunt, grandma, teacher, etc etc etc)! I know that doesn't always seem like the best thing to do, but it really helps if you can just tell someone. Trust me! I know from experience.

I have a couple friends who are really competitive with YouTube. I've been on YouTube WAY longer than they have, and I always find them talking bad about my videos, or just me in general. It used to make me really mad, but now I just get kind of irritated before letting it go. I don't really care what they think. They're just jealous!

First of all, though, you do really have to think back and see if you hurt this friend's feelings. Maybe that's why she acts so nasty. If you really did do something mean or rude to hurt your friend, brushing it off and acting like you didn't care might hurt her more! So be sure to apologize.

Treat others as you wish to be treated!!

I hope this helps :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here are the rules!!

Contest Rules:
You must RECREATE your favorite American Girl Adventure's video that I have made!
Video Deadline: June 22nd-July 6th, 2011. Any entries after that will not be counted or judged!
You MUST have AT LEAST *one* American Girl doll in your video. As long as you have at least one, you can use Barbies, stuffed animals, Groovy Girls, or whatever.
No swearing and nothing inappropriate whatsoever. Any videos with any of that will be disqualified.
Post your video as a video response to THIS video and also message me it!

First Place: A video dedicated to you and only you!, me subscribing to you, fame and glory (me posting your video all over my blog, twitter, channel, etc)
Second Place: A video dedicated to you and third place winner, me posting your video on twitter!
Third Place: A video dedicated to you and second place winner!

As I explained in the video, I don't want to do any tangible gifts this time. I don't feel comfortable doing that quite yet, and I dont think 1000 subbies is enough for that (even though I'm super excited! And it IS a lot!!)

The Videos You Can Choose to Recreate From:
American Girl Adventures #1:
American Girl Adventures #2:
American Girl Adventures #3:
American Girl Adventures #4:
American Girl Adventures #5:
The Strange Girl:
Rose Goes To The Dentist:
Mia and Tiffany's Sleepover:
AmericanGirlTiffany's 100th Video:
The Big Snow:
What To Wear?:
Thanksgiving Restaurant:

Videos will be judged on how accurate they are to the original video, editing, filming (shakiness, lighting, etc) etc etc etc.


1,000 Subscribers?!?

I logged onto YouTube this morning and saw that I had 1000 subscribers. OMG. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Editing a special video in honor of it!! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Thanks to the 6 people who subscribed to Cassie and Rose's new channel, cassieandrose!!! We'll have lots more videos up later throughout the week and possibly later on today.

And thanks to the 2 people who are following me on twitter! hahahahahaha. My username is americangirltif (because americangirltiffany was too long, but you can look up americangirltiffany as well) so look that up on twitter and click follow! haha.

please take the poll to your....left i think. it will really help me come up with vid ideas ahead of time!

I pre-filmed like 23432 (actually 3) videos for vlogmakeupbeauty. stay tuned!


Friday, June 3, 2011

FRIDAY! 100th video coming soon

I love fridays SO much! I love weekends. It's sunny!

If you follow me on twitter you may know that my arm was hurting REALLY bad yesterday! i don't know really what it was, but today it feels so much better! haha i love sleep and ibuprofens :)

i'm SO sososososososososoSO sorry I haven't posted my 100th video yet!! i just havent had time!!! one more big test NEXT monday (not this coming monday but the monday after) then im test free. last science/math tests were feeling really confident about them.

follow me on twitter!!!!!

~AGT <3

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