Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Make Braces For Your American Girl Doll!

I recently posted a video on how to make braces for your American Girl Doll. (All the videos mentioned in this post will be linked below)

In the video, I asked you girls to send me a picture on Twitter, or make a video response.  So far, I've gotten two video responses, and they're both super cute! ( Check them out  below :)  )

Do you want me to do an advice video on braces? (braces for actual human girls! ;D hah hah hah)  Let me know!!

And now here's the videos :D

How To Make Braces For Your American Girl Doll

SHUTTP5's Video Response

's  Video Response

I just think they are too cute! Thank you girls for making these video responses & trying out my idea :)

If *you* tried out my braces for dolls technique, make a video response to my original video! 


Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Not Dead!

I know it's been forEVER (almost two months....*hides face in shame*) since I've either blogged or posted a has started, and we've had SO many tests to study for and everything (I've already had around four or five chapter tests in Spanish!).

But another reason why I haven't posted any videos on this account (AmericanGirlTiffany), is because I'm out of ideas!  I honestly have no idea what to film a video on....I feel like I've done everything you guys have requested!

So please please PLEASE leave a comment on this post/comment on my channel/send me a YouTube message letting me know what kind of videos you want to se/if you have a specific request.  I'm not going to get a chance to UPLOAD any videos this week, but I'm going to be prefilming a BUNCH, so this next weekend/next week I will be uploading! (If you guys send me requests, that is)

Thank you so much for your support.  I have a mini moment of shock whenever I log on to my account and see how many of you watch my videos and/or subscribe.  THANK YOU!!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Don't worry; I'm very aware I haven't posted a video in a while or blogged in a VERY long while. Same old excuse: I've been super busy. But I have been! School started for me about two weeks ago, and it's been crazy. I've been posting more videos on my other account vlogmakeupbeauty because it's easier to post a vlog, haul or makeup tutorial than a long vid on how to do something with your American Girl Doll! I hope everyone can understand. :/

Anyway, message me video requests! If I have a long line of requests waiting, it motivates me more. 

Thanks for all your support

Friday, August 5, 2011


I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! I prefilmed like 2352357230573285720 (okay maybe just 5) videos yesterday! The lighting in my room was SO wonderful. I actually just finished editing a video on how to still take care of your AG dolls when you're at school, and I decided to blog while it was uploading.

Let me know what other videos you guys want to see.

Oh, I was thinking about starting like kind of an email newsletter. So if I didn't have time to make a video, and I know not all my viewers read my blog, I could just type out an email to send out to everyone. Let me know!

And thanks for all the subscribers :) It's amazing!!!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Makeup/Beauty Channel

As you may have seen, I recently posted a video talking about how a few of my viewers commented and said that they wanted more vlogs, hauls and makeup videos. Then I asked you guys if that's really what all of you wanted to see! 

About 70% of the comments I got said something around the lines of, "no!! stick to AG!". But I got this one comment from a user obsidiansands gave me some really good advice;

"actually, if you're having trouble managing all of them then you may as well combine them all into one vlog cut up into segments (ie, AG segment, beauty/fashion segment, etc) -- it would save up on time and editing in the long run if you make a show that combines aspects of all the mini-shows/channels you're doing into one large chunk... it would concentrate reviews/counts all in one place rather than spreading everything thin."

Which I thought was AWESOME advice. I filmed a video on it yesterday explaining everything!! 

Please note that this is just an idea. In the video I kind of act like it's what I'm going to do, but really I'm not sure yet. Please let me know what you want to see, because you guys are my viewers!! Thanks everyone :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AG Place!

There's a new American Girl Place in Alderwood, Seattle, Washington! I thought that was cool news!

My family and I may go sometime this summer....I'm not sure though.

Went shopping at Sephora and consignment! there's not a Sephora in my we went when we went to go see my Grandma! I was in heaven.....haul vids on my other channel (vlogmakeupbeauty) soon!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


GREAT JOB EMILY/americangirl9999


I just finished watching and "grading" all the videos (there were 4 :( haha but its ok) entered for my 1,000 subscribers contest! 

I'm going to be announcing them later today when I make a video (i'm kinda still in my PJ's and I woke up about 15 min ago hahaha).
So stay tuned! :D

I really want to thank each and every one of you for following me on this blog, Twitter, and YouTube. I can't believe I have 1,042 subscribers!! Haha thank you all so much :)



Most Recent Video:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mean Friends?

Everyone has at least one in their entire life. That one mean - or "toxic" - friend. The one girl (or maybe guy, but I'm going to go with girl in this case) who seems really nice when you're hanging out with her, but you find out she's talking bad about you behind your back, spreading rumors that may not be true, etc etc etc.

If you realize that you didn't ever do anything mean to this girl, I have an easy solution to why she's being mean to you.

She's jealous of you.

There's always going to be people who are jealous of you. Maybe they think you're more pretty than them,  you're more confident, you have more stuff, more subscribers/followers/friends on YouTube/Facebook/Twitter etc; there are countless reasons.

You just have to feel empathy for this girl. Don't pay any attention to her! She's the one dragging you down. If what she's doing ever gets really out of control though, make sure to tell a trusted adult (mom, dad, aunt, grandma, teacher, etc etc etc)! I know that doesn't always seem like the best thing to do, but it really helps if you can just tell someone. Trust me! I know from experience.

I have a couple friends who are really competitive with YouTube. I've been on YouTube WAY longer than they have, and I always find them talking bad about my videos, or just me in general. It used to make me really mad, but now I just get kind of irritated before letting it go. I don't really care what they think. They're just jealous!

First of all, though, you do really have to think back and see if you hurt this friend's feelings. Maybe that's why she acts so nasty. If you really did do something mean or rude to hurt your friend, brushing it off and acting like you didn't care might hurt her more! So be sure to apologize.

Treat others as you wish to be treated!!

I hope this helps :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Here are the rules!!

Contest Rules:
You must RECREATE your favorite American Girl Adventure's video that I have made!
Video Deadline: June 22nd-July 6th, 2011. Any entries after that will not be counted or judged!
You MUST have AT LEAST *one* American Girl doll in your video. As long as you have at least one, you can use Barbies, stuffed animals, Groovy Girls, or whatever.
No swearing and nothing inappropriate whatsoever. Any videos with any of that will be disqualified.
Post your video as a video response to THIS video and also message me it!

First Place: A video dedicated to you and only you!, me subscribing to you, fame and glory (me posting your video all over my blog, twitter, channel, etc)
Second Place: A video dedicated to you and third place winner, me posting your video on twitter!
Third Place: A video dedicated to you and second place winner!

As I explained in the video, I don't want to do any tangible gifts this time. I don't feel comfortable doing that quite yet, and I dont think 1000 subbies is enough for that (even though I'm super excited! And it IS a lot!!)

The Videos You Can Choose to Recreate From:
American Girl Adventures #1:
American Girl Adventures #2:
American Girl Adventures #3:
American Girl Adventures #4:
American Girl Adventures #5:
The Strange Girl:
Rose Goes To The Dentist:
Mia and Tiffany's Sleepover:
AmericanGirlTiffany's 100th Video:
The Big Snow:
What To Wear?:
Thanksgiving Restaurant:

Videos will be judged on how accurate they are to the original video, editing, filming (shakiness, lighting, etc) etc etc etc.


1,000 Subscribers?!?

I logged onto YouTube this morning and saw that I had 1000 subscribers. OMG. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Editing a special video in honor of it!! :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Thanks to the 6 people who subscribed to Cassie and Rose's new channel, cassieandrose!!! We'll have lots more videos up later throughout the week and possibly later on today.

And thanks to the 2 people who are following me on twitter! hahahahahaha. My username is americangirltif (because americangirltiffany was too long, but you can look up americangirltiffany as well) so look that up on twitter and click follow! haha.

please take the poll to your....left i think. it will really help me come up with vid ideas ahead of time!

I pre-filmed like 23432 (actually 3) videos for vlogmakeupbeauty. stay tuned!


Friday, June 3, 2011

FRIDAY! 100th video coming soon

I love fridays SO much! I love weekends. It's sunny!

If you follow me on twitter you may know that my arm was hurting REALLY bad yesterday! i don't know really what it was, but today it feels so much better! haha i love sleep and ibuprofens :)

i'm SO sososososososososoSO sorry I haven't posted my 100th video yet!! i just havent had time!!! one more big test NEXT monday (not this coming monday but the monday after) then im test free. last science/math tests were feeling really confident about them.

follow me on twitter!!!!!

~AGT <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011


It's been exactly 3 years since my first video, so prepare for a video filled day!!

My sis is thinking of opening her own YouTube for Cassie and Rose, and maybe some Barbie vids. My parents and I would of course control her account since she's younger, but I think that would be super cool!

Would you guys subscribe to her??

What kind of vids do you want to see from her?????


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess What I Just Realized?!?!?

Tomorrow will be the 3rd year since I've started YouTube, and the day after that will be the 3rd year since I made my last video!! I'm going to be uploading some very special and requested videos because of that. (Maybe celebrate with another American Girl Adventures, since those were my first videos?) Along with perhaps the video I talked about in yesterday's post. I'm really excited about this. I've come along SO far since May 27th, 2008, and not just on YouTube. I've changed my appearance quite a bit, going through different haircuts and styles. I've grown older and matured. My room has changed, my friends have changed, etc. This is a really cool (not to mention BIG!) milestone for me. I'm also (as of this blog post) 5 videos away from my 100th video!!! I am loving this!!!

I've also come a long way on YouTube. 963 subscribers!?!!?!! Every time I log in to YouTube and see that number, I wonder either if I'm dreaming, or if I need glasses. But nope. Haha...thank you all SO much!!

Here's some pink and white balloons to celebrate with: :) (because everyone knows how pink is my fav color! along with blue, gold, silver, white and black....hahaha)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Video Coming Up!!!

Remember my doll room tours?

Haha...I loved making those.

TONS of you guys have requested I make a video telling and showing how to make a doll room like mine used to be (I sadly don't have mine set up anymore because I needed the space!).

Guess what.

I'm going to do it this weekend!!!

It's going to be a LOT of work, though. I'm going to have to take out all the stuff from under my bed, unpack it all, take all  my clothes out of my closet, set up their temporary room, make the video, put everything back. Phew. I get tired just thinking about it!!

So I hope you guys enjoy it!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I actually got a message from a subscriber (thank you!!!!!) who asked if I was going to do a contest if I got to a certain amount of subscribers....I think that sounds like a GREAT idea!!!

Once I get to 1000 subscribers, I'm going to be doing a YouTube contest. I still have to figure out what it's going to be and everything, but I do think it's a good idea. It probably won't be like a HUGE giveaway or anything like  a lot of people here do on YouTube....I'm not sure. Probably a video contest.

Give me ideas on what the prize should be. I'm not positive if it will be a tangible thing (like a prize I will send to you.....probably not)....but give me ideas.

Again, this is not positive or for sure but it's an idea! :)

Post your comments on this post to help me!

Picture for you: :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Video(s?) Today!!!

Hey girls! Today I'm going to be uploading a few new videos!!
So excited ;P
(as per usual when it's a video day...haha)

I'll be uploading them later tonight...around 7pm-8pm...I think. Not guaranteed but around that time!!

I really want to try and get 1000+ subs by the end of the summer! Please help! If you haven't subbed my YouTube please do! And tell your AG loving friends to sub too :) Hahaha. It will really make my day.

Comment on your favorite video of mine. It will really help me come up with better video ideas for the future. Thanks!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Videos!!!

Okay so all my viewers need to comment on this video!!

And also, I posted a new hair tutorial! Thanks to Bloom937VIP for the idea!!

Here it is: (why is the font all weird?!?!?)


I promise I'll do better blog posts throughout the week. 

 ;:P...oh was a video day

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Room Tour Video!!!

I know you guys might be upset because I don't have my American Girl Doll's amazing room up any more, because I need my closet for clothes!! haha (incase you never saw the doll room tour video, check it out here!)

Anyway, I'm going to be posting a NEW room tour video of my OWN room!!! I know you guys have always wanted to see my room, because in my videos you just see a tiny portion of it with my dolls. I'll be posting it on my makeup/beauty/vlog channel (vlogmakeupbeauty) probably this weekend. Stay tuned!

It's been really sunny and warm lately, which is a HUGE relief! It had been raining since...last summer (haha just kidding...but it felt like that).

So stay tuned for room tour videos!!!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today's A Video Day!

Today I woke up and I was like "yay! It's Saturday! Today I get to upload my videos!!" (well actually I thought about how I barely slept the night before because my cat kept waking me up, but after that little ranting thought I thought about how excited I was to post videos haha).

I'm going to upload at least one video on this account, and maybe a few on vlogmakeupbeauty, but I'll probably upload those tomorrow.

I've been pre-filming videos lately, filming them during the week after school and uploading them on the weekend. Sorry about that, but at least on the weekend you can look forward to a bunch of new videos! hahaha I'll try and get better about posting during the week though.

I have to babysit 6 kids tonight for three hours...should be fun haha. I think after lunch I'm going to go to Target, because I really need drawers (plastic bin drawer things) for my makeup!!! I can't wait for this summer when I get to have garage sales and make money to redo my room and buy new American Girl stuff!!!

Hahaha stay tuned for videos today...


Monday, May 9, 2011

Tests, Tests and More Tests...

It seems like everything we're doing in school is tests! I had to miss my 7th period class today (which is debate, by the way) to go take a huge math test that determines whether you're gonna be in an advanced math class next year or not. (and believe me, if you don't get into this class, your math career is basically dead). And it's timed! There's 50 questions (luckily all multiple choice!) and you have to do at least 35 in 35 minutes to get into the advanced class. Luckily, I did all 50 questions and got 41 of them right!! Now all I have to do is finish this OTHER computerized test which is a HUGE determinator (??) if you get into the class or not and see what my state test results were and I'm in!! Haha piece of cake (kinda...not really....nah...)

I really want to get another doll. But first I have to send Tiffany to the doll hospital. (*groan*)

I love making YouTube videos. The truth: I make like 3 videos a day, I just never have enough time to edit/upload them....I need my own laptop!!!

When it comes around (about 2 months) do you guys want me to post my birthday wishlist?? That would be fun.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update and Possible Twitter...?

I know I haven't posted on this blog in like forEVER!!!! I'm really sorry. I wonder how many of you read this anyway...if you read this post a comment so I know who's reading! ;)

Anyway, first off I'd like to thank each and every one of my YouTube subscribers (949?!?!?) and blog followers (6?!?!). Hahahaha thanks; I literally get a smile on my face every time I see those numbers! :)

I've been really busy with tests (first part of state exams were last week....second part are this week...I have to take 4 huge tests this week!!! Wish me luck and send me good vibes.) and homework and school and family and...whew. Oh, Happy mother's day! Or if you don't necessarily celebrate mothers' day, happy sunday. hahahaha.

Okay so you might think I'm crazy, but I had a whole bunch of chocolate from Easter left over, so I melted it and dipped strawberries in it. Best thing ever. And this wasn't hershey's. It was organic 70% dark semi sweet chocolate from a local shop that makes it's chocolate like down the street!!! Dipped in organic thing ever. I recommend it HIGHLY!

Lastly, do you think I should make a twitter for AmericanGirlTiffany? (well duh i am americangirltiffany but do you think i should make a twitter linked to that?) Post a comment on this post and let me know what you think...I may or I may not.




Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Need Video Ideas!

Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank every one of my 942 (!!?!?!?!??!) subscribers on my YouTube Channel!

Secondly, I need video ideas!! Please message me on YouTube, leave a comment on my channel or leave a comment on this blog post if you have any ideas.

I'm really sorry about the shortage of videos. Final exams are coming up, and I have to study like crazy and learn a whole bunch of new concepts in the next couple of weeks!!! Ahh!!!

thank you! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm going to be posting lots of videos this weekend!!
Like another FAQ vid, some hair tutorials maybe...the usual haha.

It's FINALLY sunny here! It's been gray and cloudy pretty much every day before yesterday (friday friday we so that got over quick ;D).

I had to babysit until 10:30pm last night so I'm super tired (I enjoy going to bed early and waking up early like I did today. Saves daylight hours hahaha). But I did get some $$, which is what I really needed.

I'm saving up to redo my room, CLOTHES (I seriously have no clothes. Okay well of course I have some clothes, but my closet is pretty pathetic right now.) and to send Tiffany to the AG hospital :(


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions Video(s)

I just posted my first FAQ video!! If you have any questions that weren't answered in the first video, leave a comment on the video or on my main channel.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've been so busy lately! It's Spring Break, so I've been spending a lot of time with my family. Yesterday, however, I went with one of my friends to go see Hop.

It was...okay. Better than I expected, but you know....haha.


P.S. I'll make many videos soon! Be sure to check out my other youtube, vlogmakeupbeauty!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!

Have I mentioned that it's finally Spring Break for us? Yay!! Hahaha.....Ill try to post videos ASAP. I'm mostly just trying to hang out with my family and friends, though, because I feel like I barely get to see them when I'm in school! 

Also, I haven't been making as many videos as I would like to because of Tiffany's hair :(  I need to raise money to send her to the AG hospital!

Tomorrow I'm going with one of my best friends to see the movie
Should be fun.....

I need to know what kind of videos you girls want to see. Please post comments letting me know!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Questions Video!

I'm going to do a questions video, answering my viewer's questions! I will be answering personal questions about myself, questions about my dolls, doll care or anything! Post a comment on either my youtube channel, message me or post a comment on the video below. (or of course on this blog post!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Redoing My Closet Doors!

I'm about to go get some long rolls of butcher paper to cover my closet doors with....after I tape it on the doors I'm going to make a huge collage on it!!! I hate my doors now, and I wanted to get these other kind, but I'm saving up for a laptop.

I'm going to post videos of before/after on my other channel; vlogmakeupbeauty!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

American Girl Doll Hospital...

I think I'm going to have to just send Tiffany to the American Girl Doll Hospital. The wig that I was going to buy on eBay was already bought! And I can't find the right wig at ALL on Darn. More updates soon....

Have video requests?? Message me!!

I want to try to get 1,000 subscribers by the end of June!!! Help out!! Tell your friends!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Magic!!

Today I went to the store and picked up a pack of Mr. Clean's Classic Magic Erasers to clean Rose's skin with. (To see how, check out the video below). IT MADE HER SKIN SOOO CLEAN! Way cleaner than baking soda ever could! And it doesn't even make a mess!! I love these!

Any requests?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiffany's Hair

So last Sunday afternoon/evening, I left Tiffany/Mia/Cassie/Rose on the floor, since my friend had spent the night before and was sleeping on the air mattress there. I left my door open a tiny bit before going to do other stuff. When I went back to my room, the door was open. I didn't think anything of it, except when I saw our 6 month old puppy (smooth haired collie) CHEWING TIFFANY'S HAIR ON THE FLOOR!!! I was *really* upset, and managed to fix most of her hair, but her bangs were ruined. I tried to fix her bangs but it didn't really work... I decided to rewig Tiffany. I looked on, but they only had platinum blond wigs, and next color up was an auburn. (Tiffany's hair is a basic honey blond.) I looked on eBay, and luckily there was a PERFECT wig on there!! It's the right color and has bangs. The only difference is that it's about two to three inches longer than Tiffany's original hair, but better longer than shorter, I guess. (Plus I've always wanted a doll with long hair! I really want to get Julie...her hair is so long and pretty and straight!.) 

So that's the sad/happy news of the day/week. 

On another note...I'm going to blog about my personal life now!:

Many of you know that on Friday, March 11th, my 5th generation blue iPod nano was stolen from my backpack at school. Last night (I've been sick the past few days and stayed home from school Mon/Tues, and I'm also staying home today. I have a really bad cold....) I emailed the principal/vice principal of my school, along with all 3 of my main teachers. I haven't gotten a reply yet, but hopefully I will soon! On a happy note, this lady at my dad's work said that her daughter (who is a few years older than me) had this EXACT same thing happen to her (her iPod was stolen from her backpack with the teacher in the room, it was engraved, blah blah blah) but they told her teachers and her iPod turned up after 2-3 weeks!! Wish me luck!!!!! I really hope that I find it, because I bought that iPod myself, and if I didn't find it, I wouldn't have my music, but also, I don't even like the 6th generation nanos, which is what are out now. (Seriously, they're like an upgrade of the shuffle! A *downgrade* of the nano!! Do they even have a camera on them like the 5th generation nanos? I doubt it.) 

That's enough. I think I'll go make some lemon honey tea, which really helps my sore throat!!! Hahaha.....


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Love Fixing Up Old Dolls!

Yay!!! Hahah I REALLY want to open up an AG doll hospital where viewers like you can send in your dolls! I LOVE the way Anna's hair turned out in the video below! Comment and tell me what you think!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exciting News!

This Saturday, my best friend is spending the night. (she's the one in this video!, although that video was made a LONG time ago, but thats her). See the two dolls in the video that aren't Mia or Tiffany? Those are her dolls! The one with the blond hair and blue eyes is Anna, and the one with the short dark hair is actually Samantha with cut hair, but my friend renamed her to Annie. She's going to be bringing her two dolls, who have been in storage for a while, and we're going to fix them up! My little sister will be fixing up Rose. (I really want to re wig Rose, but I just don't have enough $$ right now...haha). I'm going to be making a video about it!

So tell me, do you guys want me to film parts of fixing up the dolls, or just before/after pics with an intro?? Comment on this post and let me know!!

I'm super excited! We're going to wash/condition their hair, straighten/curl their hair, repaint their faces (lips/cheeks) and have a lot of fun!!
Stay tuned!!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Videos Today!

I will try to post some videos today! I have a lot of requests (I LOVE getting requests; don't get me wrong! But I just have been super busy with school so I don't have that much time :( ) which I will try to complete this weekend. If you have a request please leave a comment on either my YouTube channel or this blog! 

Thanks guys!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry I haven't been making any American Girl videos lately! I've been SUPER busy lately. :/
We have this math packet that was given to us yesterday and it's due on Monday...doesn't sound that bad, but the packet is like 6 pages front and back! 

I'll try to post the video on Cassie's 24 Hour Curled Hair tonight....but please don't be too disappointed if I don't make it! Thanks :)

What else....

Yesterday it was snowing all day, but today it's freezing outside and super clear, along with raging winds, so the snow is blowing all over. There wasn't even that much to begin with, but now it's all spread out all over the place. My hands are getting super dry from the cold, dry weather! I noticed them at school today, but I didn't have my favorite bottle of lotion with me, so I couldn't hydrate them.  All I did was drink a bunch of water out of my water bottle and hoped for the best...

Gotta go slather lotion on my poor hands!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cassie's Hair

After I made the video on how to curl your doll's hair, I decided to re-curl Cassie's hair and leave it in all night. This afternoon (after school) I'm going to take them out, so it will be about 22 hours that the curlers will be left in. I'll be sure to make a video on that!

That's it for now....gotta go to school!


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog + Room Tour

I decided to open up a blog for my love of American Girl Doll's. About a year ago, I made a Yola site for my AG Dolls, but not a lot of people viewed it, and I got a bunch of hater comments that were under different names but obviously from the same person. I think with Blogger, my true subscribers and fans can connect with me more and I can share my love of AG dolls better! Plus Blogger is easier to operate (haha) than Yola. For me, anyway. I don't have a Facebook/Myspace/Twitter account for AmericanGirlTiffany (or even for my personal life. I just have blogs!) just to let you guys know. 

I've gotten lots of requests to do a doll room tour video. I would love to, but the problem is my doll's room was in my closet before, but now I actually need my closet space for clothes, so I had to pack up all their stuff (don't worry! I still have everything! I am never selling any of my AG stuff. I hope :D). Does anybody have any ideas on how I could do this?

I've also gotten requests to do a video explaining how to make an AG doll room like mine was. I have a video saved on my laptop of my AG doll's room; I could do a voice over on that explaining how! Does that sound good to everyone?

I have 884 subscribers! Thank you so much everyone!!


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