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My YouTube Story
On May 27th, 2008, I made my AmericanGirlTiffany youtube account.
Before that, I had been using my mom's unused account, but that was getting kind of boring, because the username had to do with knitting, and that's not what I was interested in! My first video was filmed after the day I made my YouTube. My dad was filming, and I was acting out a little play with the only two American Girl doll's in our house, along with a couple Groovy Girls and a Madeline doll. Thus began my YouTube career. I've come a LONG way since then, and every time I log in and see the number of views or subscribers, I inwardly scream with excitement! (Because otherwise my parents would think I was hurt...or crazy ;D) Thank you all so much! Without you I wouldn't have come this far.

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