Saturday, February 26, 2011

Videos Today!

I will try to post some videos today! I have a lot of requests (I LOVE getting requests; don't get me wrong! But I just have been super busy with school so I don't have that much time :( ) which I will try to complete this weekend. If you have a request please leave a comment on either my YouTube channel or this blog! 

Thanks guys!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry I haven't been making any American Girl videos lately! I've been SUPER busy lately. :/
We have this math packet that was given to us yesterday and it's due on Monday...doesn't sound that bad, but the packet is like 6 pages front and back! 

I'll try to post the video on Cassie's 24 Hour Curled Hair tonight....but please don't be too disappointed if I don't make it! Thanks :)

What else....

Yesterday it was snowing all day, but today it's freezing outside and super clear, along with raging winds, so the snow is blowing all over. There wasn't even that much to begin with, but now it's all spread out all over the place. My hands are getting super dry from the cold, dry weather! I noticed them at school today, but I didn't have my favorite bottle of lotion with me, so I couldn't hydrate them.  All I did was drink a bunch of water out of my water bottle and hoped for the best...

Gotta go slather lotion on my poor hands!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cassie's Hair

After I made the video on how to curl your doll's hair, I decided to re-curl Cassie's hair and leave it in all night. This afternoon (after school) I'm going to take them out, so it will be about 22 hours that the curlers will be left in. I'll be sure to make a video on that!

That's it for now....gotta go to school!


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog + Room Tour

I decided to open up a blog for my love of American Girl Doll's. About a year ago, I made a Yola site for my AG Dolls, but not a lot of people viewed it, and I got a bunch of hater comments that were under different names but obviously from the same person. I think with Blogger, my true subscribers and fans can connect with me more and I can share my love of AG dolls better! Plus Blogger is easier to operate (haha) than Yola. For me, anyway. I don't have a Facebook/Myspace/Twitter account for AmericanGirlTiffany (or even for my personal life. I just have blogs!) just to let you guys know. 

I've gotten lots of requests to do a doll room tour video. I would love to, but the problem is my doll's room was in my closet before, but now I actually need my closet space for clothes, so I had to pack up all their stuff (don't worry! I still have everything! I am never selling any of my AG stuff. I hope :D). Does anybody have any ideas on how I could do this?

I've also gotten requests to do a video explaining how to make an AG doll room like mine was. I have a video saved on my laptop of my AG doll's room; I could do a voice over on that explaining how! Does that sound good to everyone?

I have 884 subscribers! Thank you so much everyone!!


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