Friday, July 29, 2011

Makeup/Beauty Channel

As you may have seen, I recently posted a video talking about how a few of my viewers commented and said that they wanted more vlogs, hauls and makeup videos. Then I asked you guys if that's really what all of you wanted to see! 

About 70% of the comments I got said something around the lines of, "no!! stick to AG!". But I got this one comment from a user obsidiansands gave me some really good advice;

"actually, if you're having trouble managing all of them then you may as well combine them all into one vlog cut up into segments (ie, AG segment, beauty/fashion segment, etc) -- it would save up on time and editing in the long run if you make a show that combines aspects of all the mini-shows/channels you're doing into one large chunk... it would concentrate reviews/counts all in one place rather than spreading everything thin."

Which I thought was AWESOME advice. I filmed a video on it yesterday explaining everything!! 

Please note that this is just an idea. In the video I kind of act like it's what I'm going to do, but really I'm not sure yet. Please let me know what you want to see, because you guys are my viewers!! Thanks everyone :)


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