Monday, November 14, 2011

How To Make Braces For Your American Girl Doll!

I recently posted a video on how to make braces for your American Girl Doll. (All the videos mentioned in this post will be linked below)

In the video, I asked you girls to send me a picture on Twitter, or make a video response.  So far, I've gotten two video responses, and they're both super cute! ( Check them out  below :)  )

Do you want me to do an advice video on braces? (braces for actual human girls! ;D hah hah hah)  Let me know!!

And now here's the videos :D

How To Make Braces For Your American Girl Doll

SHUTTP5's Video Response

's  Video Response

I just think they are too cute! Thank you girls for making these video responses & trying out my idea :)

If *you* tried out my braces for dolls technique, make a video response to my original video! 



  1. i love americangirltiffany!!!i also like making a website soon so ill leave you the name sometime if you like.

  2. you are great!love the braces agtiffany!!!!!!

  3. Those are SO cool! Also... I have american girl doll Kirsten. Is the doll on the left up there / \ kirsten? My kirsten has Tangled hair. :( I wasn't thinking about shipping her off
    to the american girl doll hospital. Well anyway..... Those are SO cute and this was a BIG help! Thank you!

  4. Hello!
    These are SO cute! I love American Girl Dolls, Too. This has nothing to do with the subject, but is the doll on the left side of the picture above Kirsten? I have American Girl Kirsten. Her hair is all tangled up, though. :( Well thank you for the video, I think it is very helpful.

  5. Love your videos!!! Please do a how to make a ag wardrobe!?! Thanks agian!!!


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