Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog + Room Tour

I decided to open up a blog for my love of American Girl Doll's. About a year ago, I made a Yola site for my AG Dolls, but not a lot of people viewed it, and I got a bunch of hater comments that were under different names but obviously from the same person. I think with Blogger, my true subscribers and fans can connect with me more and I can share my love of AG dolls better! Plus Blogger is easier to operate (haha) than Yola. For me, anyway. I don't have a Facebook/Myspace/Twitter account for AmericanGirlTiffany (or even for my personal life. I just have blogs!) just to let you guys know. 

I've gotten lots of requests to do a doll room tour video. I would love to, but the problem is my doll's room was in my closet before, but now I actually need my closet space for clothes, so I had to pack up all their stuff (don't worry! I still have everything! I am never selling any of my AG stuff. I hope :D). Does anybody have any ideas on how I could do this?

I've also gotten requests to do a video explaining how to make an AG doll room like mine was. I have a video saved on my laptop of my AG doll's room; I could do a voice over on that explaining how! Does that sound good to everyone?

I have 884 subscribers! Thank you so much everyone!!


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