Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Busy Busy!

Sorry I haven't been making any American Girl videos lately! I've been SUPER busy lately. :/
We have this math packet that was given to us yesterday and it's due on Monday...doesn't sound that bad, but the packet is like 6 pages front and back! 

I'll try to post the video on Cassie's 24 Hour Curled Hair tonight....but please don't be too disappointed if I don't make it! Thanks :)

What else....

Yesterday it was snowing all day, but today it's freezing outside and super clear, along with raging winds, so the snow is blowing all over. There wasn't even that much to begin with, but now it's all spread out all over the place. My hands are getting super dry from the cold, dry weather! I noticed them at school today, but I didn't have my favorite bottle of lotion with me, so I couldn't hydrate them.  All I did was drink a bunch of water out of my water bottle and hoped for the best...

Gotta go slather lotion on my poor hands!


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