Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exciting News!

This Saturday, my best friend is spending the night. (she's the one in this video!, although that video was made a LONG time ago, but thats her). See the two dolls in the video that aren't Mia or Tiffany? Those are her dolls! The one with the blond hair and blue eyes is Anna, and the one with the short dark hair is actually Samantha with cut hair, but my friend renamed her to Annie. She's going to be bringing her two dolls, who have been in storage for a while, and we're going to fix them up! My little sister will be fixing up Rose. (I really want to re wig Rose, but I just don't have enough $$ right now...haha). I'm going to be making a video about it!

So tell me, do you guys want me to film parts of fixing up the dolls, or just before/after pics with an intro?? Comment on this post and let me know!!

I'm super excited! We're going to wash/condition their hair, straighten/curl their hair, repaint their faces (lips/cheeks) and have a lot of fun!!
Stay tuned!!


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