Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiffany's Hair

So last Sunday afternoon/evening, I left Tiffany/Mia/Cassie/Rose on the floor, since my friend had spent the night before and was sleeping on the air mattress there. I left my door open a tiny bit before going to do other stuff. When I went back to my room, the door was open. I didn't think anything of it, except when I saw our 6 month old puppy (smooth haired collie) CHEWING TIFFANY'S HAIR ON THE FLOOR!!! I was *really* upset, and managed to fix most of her hair, but her bangs were ruined. I tried to fix her bangs but it didn't really work... I decided to rewig Tiffany. I looked on, but they only had platinum blond wigs, and next color up was an auburn. (Tiffany's hair is a basic honey blond.) I looked on eBay, and luckily there was a PERFECT wig on there!! It's the right color and has bangs. The only difference is that it's about two to three inches longer than Tiffany's original hair, but better longer than shorter, I guess. (Plus I've always wanted a doll with long hair! I really want to get Julie...her hair is so long and pretty and straight!.) 

So that's the sad/happy news of the day/week. 

On another note...I'm going to blog about my personal life now!:

Many of you know that on Friday, March 11th, my 5th generation blue iPod nano was stolen from my backpack at school. Last night (I've been sick the past few days and stayed home from school Mon/Tues, and I'm also staying home today. I have a really bad cold....) I emailed the principal/vice principal of my school, along with all 3 of my main teachers. I haven't gotten a reply yet, but hopefully I will soon! On a happy note, this lady at my dad's work said that her daughter (who is a few years older than me) had this EXACT same thing happen to her (her iPod was stolen from her backpack with the teacher in the room, it was engraved, blah blah blah) but they told her teachers and her iPod turned up after 2-3 weeks!! Wish me luck!!!!! I really hope that I find it, because I bought that iPod myself, and if I didn't find it, I wouldn't have my music, but also, I don't even like the 6th generation nanos, which is what are out now. (Seriously, they're like an upgrade of the shuffle! A *downgrade* of the nano!! Do they even have a camera on them like the 5th generation nanos? I doubt it.) 

That's enough. I think I'll go make some lemon honey tea, which really helps my sore throat!!! Hahaha.....


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  1. I have an iPod touch and I never brought it to school. I hope you find it and in case you find it, keep it in a secure space in your bag. Like a cellphone compartment.


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