Saturday, February 4, 2012

NEW VIDEOS! How To Travel With Your AG Doll + What's Happenin'

Hey girls! In case you don't already know, I've made two new videos!! One of them is just an update video, but the other one is about How To Travel With Your American Girl Dolls.

I explain everything in the video, but a few general tips are,

  • Don't dress your doll in anything that could get lost (hair bows, jewelry, bags, etc) while on the plane
  • Definitely put your doll in a carry-on bag!
  • Dress her in shoes that won't fall off during the plane ride/through security/etc. I would not put any shoes on her at all though, just to be safe!

I have a LOT more advice in the video though, so be sure to check that out! (linked at the bottom of this blog post, as well as here)

I'm just so excited to be back making videos for you. I know I do make videos on my beauty channel/all my other channels, but there's a different feeling with making AG vids. LOL hard to describe but I forgot how much I love it!! :) <3

Be sure to check out my new video, and stay tuned for LOTS more coming soon.

AmericanGirlTiffany (aka stella)

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  1. You are the most awesome person in the universe!!!!


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