Monday, January 21, 2013

Should I Blog?

Hey guys.'s been forEVER since I've posted an American Girl video or wrote a blog post. I feel bad, trust me.

I recently ordered a new camera that will take super good pictures! I was wondering if you guys think I should start doing regular American Girl-related blog posts on here? They could be DIYs, HTMs (how to makes), AG cooking, or whatever yall want. 

That way, when I don't have time to make an AG video you guys can just come on here and check out my newest blog post!
Logging on to my today was intense. I didn't realize how much you guys missed my videos. I feel so bad !! 

Hopefully, I can make it up to you. I don't want to let you down again.
I'm not sure if I'll do regular videos, but hopefully I'll be able to do blog posts on here if you think it's a good idea!

Let me know.



  1. do a diy plz i love them for ags

  2. I love you vids,Stella! I think you should do one on how to make clothes for them. :)
    Thank you!
    ~ MFM

  3. Do any type of ag video!! I miss your videos alot and I think you should use this blog for ag things!!

  4. Anything! Why haven't u been posting vids? It's been like... a month!

  5. I watch a lot of your vids so I think you should make more. You inspired me to make ag vids. I don't have a youtube account. Please you need to�������� u!


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