Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess What I Just Realized?!?!?

Tomorrow will be the 3rd year since I've started YouTube, and the day after that will be the 3rd year since I made my last video!! I'm going to be uploading some very special and requested videos because of that. (Maybe celebrate with another American Girl Adventures, since those were my first videos?) Along with perhaps the video I talked about in yesterday's post. I'm really excited about this. I've come along SO far since May 27th, 2008, and not just on YouTube. I've changed my appearance quite a bit, going through different haircuts and styles. I've grown older and matured. My room has changed, my friends have changed, etc. This is a really cool (not to mention BIG!) milestone for me. I'm also (as of this blog post) 5 videos away from my 100th video!!! I am loving this!!!

I've also come a long way on YouTube. 963 subscribers!?!!?!! Every time I log in to YouTube and see that number, I wonder either if I'm dreaming, or if I need glasses. But nope. Haha...thank you all SO much!!

Here's some pink and white balloons to celebrate with: :) (because everyone knows how pink is my fav color! along with blue, gold, silver, white and black....hahaha)


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