Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today's A Video Day!

Today I woke up and I was like "yay! It's Saturday! Today I get to upload my videos!!" (well actually I thought about how I barely slept the night before because my cat kept waking me up, but after that little ranting thought I thought about how excited I was to post videos haha).

I'm going to upload at least one video on this account, and maybe a few on vlogmakeupbeauty, but I'll probably upload those tomorrow.

I've been pre-filming videos lately, filming them during the week after school and uploading them on the weekend. Sorry about that, but at least on the weekend you can look forward to a bunch of new videos! hahaha I'll try and get better about posting during the week though.

I have to babysit 6 kids tonight for three hours...should be fun haha. I think after lunch I'm going to go to Target, because I really need drawers (plastic bin drawer things) for my makeup!!! I can't wait for this summer when I get to have garage sales and make money to redo my room and buy new American Girl stuff!!!

Hahaha stay tuned for videos today...


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