Monday, May 9, 2011

Tests, Tests and More Tests...

It seems like everything we're doing in school is tests! I had to miss my 7th period class today (which is debate, by the way) to go take a huge math test that determines whether you're gonna be in an advanced math class next year or not. (and believe me, if you don't get into this class, your math career is basically dead). And it's timed! There's 50 questions (luckily all multiple choice!) and you have to do at least 35 in 35 minutes to get into the advanced class. Luckily, I did all 50 questions and got 41 of them right!! Now all I have to do is finish this OTHER computerized test which is a HUGE determinator (??) if you get into the class or not and see what my state test results were and I'm in!! Haha piece of cake (kinda...not really....nah...)

I really want to get another doll. But first I have to send Tiffany to the doll hospital. (*groan*)

I love making YouTube videos. The truth: I make like 3 videos a day, I just never have enough time to edit/upload them....I need my own laptop!!!

When it comes around (about 2 months) do you guys want me to post my birthday wishlist?? That would be fun.


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